SponsorScope is very proud to work with our completely exclusive and diverse range of partners, based all over the world. Collectively our partners have billions of sports and esports fans globally, in over 100 different sports.

We are ready to help all sports organisations and athletes raise more sponsorship revenue for their business. We specialise in helping these types of sports businesses:

  • Sports and Esports Clubs and Teams
  • Sports and Esports Associations – Regional, National and Global Federations
  • League Organisers – Regionally, Nationally and Globally
  • Sporting Event and Competition Organisers
  • Sports Promoters and Talent Agencies
  • Digital Media Publishers in Sport
  • Agencies that Exclusively Manage Sports Media Sales Rights
  • Sports Athletes – ranging from Amateur Pros to Household Names in Sport


The following sports media rights holders below work with SponsorScope. All the brands:

  1. Have sponsorship opportunities available for sale live on SponsorScope.com now OR
  2. Can provide SponsorScope with new proposals upon request, for new sponsors.

If you would like to see sponsorship proposals from any of these clients below – please simply:

Airlines/Aviation Cryptocurrency Telecommunications Human Resources
Bitpay Expor Digital Inc. Flexiroam Peninsula Business Services (ireland) Ltd